Appointments+ feature request

First, let me say you've done a great job with this plugin. The integration with Membership is a huge plus for me - or it will be if I can figure out how to do what I want.

I realize this may not be typical use, and you might have something in the works which is a better fit, but here's what I'd like to be able to do:

1. Membership discount - instead of one percentage that applies to all services, I'd like to have two rates for each service - one for members, one for non-members. The reason is the discount isn't always the same percentage or even the same dollar amount for all services.

2. In my case, we're booking conference rooms. With each of the membership levels, the members have a number of credits/tokens/hours each month to put towards room rental before they have to pay for rental time. So Silver may have 0, but Gold has 2 hours per month and Platinum has 5 hours per month. If there was a way to debit the "token" balance when they book a room, it would make my bookkeeping much easier.

3. Like someone else suggested, add-on items such as projector rental, or setup/cleanup fees, would be great too.

I know these requests aren't simple changes, but I wanted to at least let you know what's on my wish list. Thanks again for all the effort you've put into this plugin.