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So far I like the plugin. But it with be nice with a standard integration to an international sms gateway. Like Clickatell or something similar. Many people like getting a reminder on sms :slight_smile:

Another thing for the future. Since many people use their smartphone it would be cool with a wep app (no need for native app).

I have worked with appointment booking pro for joomla before and it have some nice features you could take a look at. Like the facebook app.

But keep up the good work, it's already a nice plugin! :slight_smile:

Best regards

  • Hakan
    • The Incredible Smush


    While making a research on this request I noticed that almost all phone companies have a service called "mail to SMS gateway". With this functionality it is quite straightforward to receive an SMS for each confirmation and/or notification.

    First contact your phone company and ask their "mail to SMS gateway". It will be something like Some of them are already listed here:

    Then include these codes inside functions.php of your current theme:

    // Change 'Subject' as you wish
    function app_forward_mail( $body, $r, $app_id ) {
    wp_mail( '', 'Subject', $body );
    // Remove comments for the below line if you want SMS for notification too
    // add_action( 'app_notification_sent', 'app_forward_mail', 10, 3 );
    add_action( 'app_confirmation_sent', 'app_forward_mail', 10, 3 );

    Then you should be receiving an SMS in addition to the email.


  • mroracle
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    Hi Hakan,

    While awaiting your response I was researching on a similar line.

    The show-stopper for your suggestion is that some huge Network Providers have been withdrawing their mail to SMS gateways e.g. Vodafone UK, and others have never and will never offer it.

    This seems to be a trend that all the Telecoms companies are going to take.

    I am looking at services which will do all of SMS via email, which means it would work with the Appointments Plugin to send the reminder via SMS.

    However, an SMS option for the plugin would be most welcome.

    Kind regards,

  • Techtomic
    • Techie


    Are you confirming that on a multisite install, clients of service providers will be sent reminder SMSs to their personal mobile phones through my phone company? Please can you explain how that works, by the way my personal network is Virgin Media UK. Will they let my site send SMSs globally?

    Are you rejecting the feature request to have SMS gateway integration?

  • Hakan
    • The Incredible Smush

    Please can you explain how that works, by the way my personal network is Virgin Media UK. Will they let my site send SMSs globally?

    Are you kidding? How can I know your phone network in UK?

    Are you rejecting the feature request to have SMS gateway integration?

    I have already shown you the solution. Are you rejecting my solution?

  • Techtomic
    • Techie

    More thoughts about this. If it's just a simple thing to amend the PHP as you said, surely it's best to have this as an option within the plugin, rather than hacking the code and having to re-patch every new version. Then it can be enabled per site, and in future it could be tracked to enable billing in future.

    Also, I'm sure that the message text would need to be different SMS vs email, as the SMS would be much more succinct than the email.

    I've tried a couple of the gateways you linked to via Wikipedia and they're either down, restricted to other countries, or just don't seem to work when I've tried the testing page. So if anyone's got a recommendation for a working gateway I'm all ears.

  • mroracle
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    I have this all working using TextMagic and also Clikatell.

    There was no need for the PHP code, just follow the simple instructions given by the telco's for their email to SMS services.

    All you then need to do is send an email using the Appointments plugin.

    Perhaps spend more time checking the telco email to SMS service works first. If the telco service no longer works then the issue is with the telco not the plugin.

    Look for and validate email to SMS services from telcos.

  • mroracle
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    1) Email to SMS

    Forget about the plugin to start with, get the email to SMS working first.

    Here is one of the telcos I use:

    Any issues getting this part to work you need to refer to the telco.

    Last I looked Clickatel was best for USA and TextMagic for Europe.

    2) Wordpress to Email

    Once you have the email to sms working then use plugin to send an email.

    If this bit does not work chat with WPMU Dev.

    That is all there is to it.

    This is the one I have set up and it is easily the cheapest as I am using the SMS allocation on my mobile contract.

    This can get complicated depending on the mobile telco API or they may not even have one.

    Get in touch with your Mobile telco you have a contract with and ask if they have an API that supports email to SMS.

  • mikedino
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Loving this plugin. Many thanks for the code, but I am struggling with a change I need to make.

    My email to text message service is a little different in that the provider receives emails from my domain name and then sends the SMS text to the target phone number as in "". I think most third party email to SMS providers work this way now rather than traditional gateways.

    I therefore need to change this line

    wp_mail( '', 'Subject', $body );

    to use the phone number entered by the client in the Appointments+ form and therefore read something like:

    wp_mail( $', 'Subject', $body );

    The above doesn't work so help would really be appreciated.


    • Mishaal
      • WPMU DEV Initiate

      It should be the clients smsprovider in the email address not your own.
      If I use AT&T and my Customer uses T-Mobile, ideally there should be a dropdown filed in the appointment form for "Carrier" right next to "Phone" enabled with a checkbox that says "send sms notification". It wouls simply append their phone number with their carriers domain address for sending sms's in the right format so that WP can send them the email a few hours before the appointment as well as an sms.
      Someone would just need to program that logic in a php file. :nerd:

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