Appointments+ flawed booking mechanic & suggestion

Hi there,

We (with lot of help from the support team) have built a site that combines Appointments+ with MarketPress, this allows people to make an appointment then select from additional products from the marketpress store to go with the appointment, which is great!

However after a few bookings we have realised the appointment+ mechanic is not very user friendly and allows for errors to be made with bookings, or more specifically allows for a lack of information.

The problem is this – The user picks a SERVICE and is provided dates to pick from, then they have to click ‘Show available times’, a simple mechanic that every user has so far failed to do, ha. Then they have to click a SERVICE PROVIDER and again click ‘Show available times’. I was wondering if making the page AJAX would help the situation but it doesnt, the system will allow bookings to be made without crucial information.

SO, I have a possible mechanic to resolve this but the PHP is far beyond my expertise so if anyone can help please do!


Is there a way to hide the calendar until the user has selected a ‘Service’ AND ‘Service Provider’ then click one button with something like ‘Get me available dates’ . . . . then the calender can show the available dates and times for that specific combination of Service and Service provider?

Does anyone know of how to do this? it would make this plug-in truly amazing, at the moment its a bit frustrating for me at least :wink:

Many thanks in advance and in hope . . . Brian :slight_smile: