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Because my site uses your membership plugin to give different levels of access. I want to give one level of access, access to only 4 service providers, another access to a different 4 and then the final two levels access to a combination of the two. I have found the shortcode to force the schedule to show for a specific worker but having 4 schedules on one page looks messy and unprofessional. Is it possible to force the drop down of service providers to show only some of my service providers? This would be really helpful.

In addition, there is a huge gap between the schedule and logged text with an underlined dash that looks like a link but is not clickable. Again, it looks quite messy, is this supposed to happen and how might I get rid of it?



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    Unfortunately, the original poster is no longer an active member, and this thread appears to have slipped through the cracks.

    But for any others who happen upon this topic, here are the answers :

    Forcing the dropdown to display only those service providers that are accessible on specified Membership access levels can be done. But the trick is to use different services for those access levels.

    Set up identical services with slightly varied names for each access level, and assign the corresponding service providers to them. Then, on the make-an-appointment page, wrap the entire appointments table in the Membership level shortcodes for the level you want to have access to only certain service providers like so:

    ...all the App+ shortcodes here...

    Then add the corresponding service parameter to the app_service_providers shortcode.

    Copy/paste the whole shebang for each access level and service so your make-an-appointment page would look something like this:

    [app_service_providers service="1"]

    [app_service_providers service="2"]

    The result would be that members on access level “1” would only see the service and the dropdown of service providers they have access to. Those on access level “2” would only see the service and providers they have access to. Repeat for as many levels as you need.

    As for the weird dash issue, that is entirely theme-dependent and would simply require a bit of CSS added to the style-sheet.

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