Appointments+ front-end cancelling and confirming capabilities.


referring to the suggestion from this thread
I am opening this new ticket.
Currently, only clients are able to cancel their appointments on front-end when listed by the shortcode
[app_my_appointments allow_cancel="1"]
Providers can neither confirm nor decline (while unconfirmed) or cancel (after confirmed) their appointments on front-end. The only exception is confirming possibility in their BuddyPress profile if the site is BP-based.
And none of them can see a list of their pending appointments (except providers on BP).
Well, this is a mess a bit, isn't it? Why only confirm and not also decline and cancel? And why only in BP profile which is a case of community sites while the plugin is not at all designed for community sites - as discussed in the above thread?
So please, make it proper at least from the point of view of the original plugin purpose and make it possible for providers to maintain their appointments on front-end, with or without BuddyPress. It is desirable that service providers who are NOT ADMIN PROFESSIONALS remain only on the front-end and are not bothered to the administration dashboard (where they can spoil something easily) and deal with the rather user-unfriendly appointments administration interface.
I suggest that for both clients and providers the short-code [app_my_appointments] would list pending appointments, too. And for providers let each entry contain a drop-down list to enable either to confirm or decline the request.
Confirmed appointments entries should contain a cancel checkbox for both clients' (as already is) and providers' appointments.


  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello Stefan,

    I hope you're having a nice day!

    The customers can cancel their bookings via the page ("My appointments" table), via a link in confirmation and remainder e-mails and if they are logged in - using check-boxes on their profile pages. That is if the "Allow client cancel own appointments" option is enabled on "Appointments -> Settings -> General -> Accessibility" page.

    Service providers can either use their profile pages (so yes, that's a WP back-end but by default each WP member is given a limited access to a back-end: at least a profile page) or via BuddyPress if BuddyPress is installed.

    That said, I forwarded your post directly to the lead developer of Appointments+ for further consideration.

    Kind regards,

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