Appointments+ Gcal integration not working

We have Appointments plus installed on a multisite install with each site integrating with a different calendar.

The site with the current issue is You can find our tour scheduling page at

Up until a couple days ago, the gcal integration was working perfectly. I went in today to test something and boom, not working. I checked all the settings and they are correct. We have the correct file uploaded in the /key/ directory on the server and the calendar is configured correctly with the email address associated with the service account. Something is wrong and we cannot figure out why when we "Test Connection" or even schedule a test appointment, it does not show up on the gcal.

I can get someone into the site ASAP if that is going to speed up the process of getting this resolved.

See the screen shots attached for the error we are seeing when trying to test the connection and then there is a screenshot of the error log.