appointments+ glitch with max number of days to accept appointments

I have the calendar syncing with a google calendar which is working fine except for some strange reason the day at the end of the period defined as the maximum number of days to accept an appointment shows up as available whereas in google it's not. It's as if that day is out of sync whereas everything else is.

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    Hey Walter,

    Thank for the email.

    As attached; the 10th Oct is at the end of the 62 days currently defined under settings as the max number of days from now to accept appointments.
    There should be no availability as per Google calendar yet as per screenshot there appear to be.

    The sync with Google calendar confirms that the rest is working fine with the correct timezones etc, I just don't understand where this anomaly is appearing from

    Well I have a strong feeling that its not counting the current day while syncing and hence syncing the 63rd day too.

    Can you change the value from 62 to 61 in the settings and sync again to check if that works fine ?

    I know it might sound a stupid suggestion but I can't think of anything else at the moment :stuck_out_tongue:

    Please advise.

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