Appointments go directly to cart w/o clicking Proceed link

I am just about ready to launch this combination of Appointments and Marketplace to make photo session appointments and a deposit. But I need to figure out how I can have the page redirected to the shopping cart after they have selected the product, date, time, added confirmation information, and clicked "Please click here to confirm this appointment". Right now we get the "Please, proceed to checkout." link see image, that has to be click to redirect to the shopping cart.

Doing some research I found a question found one person mention editing the /appointments/includes/class_app_mp_bridge.php

But that is not really a good solution since it can be overwritten on an update.

Is there some setting that I can make that I missed or can I overwrite this in a child theme where the change will not get overwritten by updates?

I appreciate any advice on how to get this to flow better for our customers.