Appointments+ google calendar integration

We have two service providers with their own google calendars and we are trying to sync both of them to the appointments+ plugin. We have changed the "Allow Service Providers for Google Calendar API Integration" from 'no' to 'yes' and that did not help. How can we fix this problem so that we can use tow separate calendars?

  • Vaughan

    Hi Jamie,

    Have you made sure to enter each providers ggogle calendar details on their profile pages?

    the settings in the appointments plugin itself are for the main calendar (No default provider) but if you are wanting each provider to use their own calendars, they need to go through the same process for each, they then enter their details on their profile pages.

    You will need to manually upload each users private key via FTP to the server, they can't do that themselves.

    Hope this helps

  • Jamie

    Thanks for the reply. We have the Google API currently setup and working, however, I can't seem to get it working for our two service providers.


    we have two service providers: Carol & Lindsay

    We have the appts plugin syncing with a Google Calendar called "Styling Depot" on Carol's google account.

    If Carol get's a phone call to schedule and manually puts in the Google Calendar, it does block out the time as busy, however, because they are sharing a calendar, it also blocks out time for Lindsay.

    This is why we'd like to use two separate calendars. We cannot find their "profile pages" to add the separate info as you're suggesting.

    Can you please direct us to the correct location?


  • Vaughan

    Hi Jamie,

    To edit their profiles, just go to Dashboard > users > all users

    Then hover over their username and click edit. Then scroll down till you see the appointments settings for GCAL. However, I can't remember if the admin can edit those details, you might have to login to that users account and edit the profile from their account.

    If you need to login to their account to edit, then once you login, go to Dashboard > users > your profile

    Hope this helps

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