[Appointments+] Google Calendar "Save the Date" Button for Notifications

A customer makes an appointment and receives an email with the date and time for the appointment. I'd like to add a link for the customer, on the notification email, that allows them to click to add the date and time to their Google calendar. Here's a sample code of this…

<a href="https://calendar.google.com/calendar/r/eventedit?dates=20190102T291500Z/20190102T293000Z&sf=true&ctz=America/Los_Angeles&text=K%20Dunn%20Conference%20Call&details=Free%2030-minute%20conference%20call%20with%20Kathryn%20Dunn.%20%20Call%20into%20our%20conference%20bridge%20at%20the%20appointed%20time.%201-541-249-5533"><img src="http://calendar.google.com/googlecalendar/images/favicon.ico"&gt; Save the Date</a>

See how Googel needs the "date (beginning & ending date/time)" like so…the time is based on "0" (zero) UTC/GMT=0…so if pacific time, 8:00am would be 1600 (add 8 hours to any pacific time)