Appointments hangs on time selection

When a user selects an available time slot, the page hangs and the spinning circle just spins forever. I have seen a similar problem on your support forums, but haven't found a solution.

From reading another post about this problem, I deactivated all GCal integration in the Settings page and the problem still happens.

I will say that it doesn't happen all the time, so it is difficult to troubleshoot. However, this is a big problem.

Please help.

  • Rupok
    • Support Ninja

    Hi Michael Kaplan

    I see that you are using an older version of Appointments+ plugin. Can you please update the plugin and check again? Please always keep your plugins and themes updates as new updates include bug-fix and features update.

    I just tried to regenerate the issue at my end but could not regenerate. I could successfully make appointments by clicking the available time slot. And as you said "it doesn't happen all the time", so there might be browser specific issue or network connectivity issue or server responding issue. Can you please try resetting your browser cache and cookies? And can you try from another browser and check if the issue still appears? I believe, resetting your browser or changing your browser will solve the issue.

    Have a nice day. Cheers!

    • Michael Kaplan
      • WPMU DEV Initiate


      I tried clearing the cache and cookies. That seemed to work.

      However, I am a bit concerned as we can't expect our clients to do, or know how to do, that as well.

      Are there any settings that can be adjusted/optimized on the server or network, or any other way of fixing it so users don't have to do the cache & cookie clearing?


  • Kasia Swiderska
    • Support nomad

    Hello Michael,

    I apologize for the delay here!

    Problem with browser cache is when you really often visit site - like when you develop, test it etc. etc. In normal cases users should not have this problem.
    But I need to ask - are you using any type of cache on your site? Plugin or on server? Did you turn on build on cache in Appointments+ (if yes, I recommend turning off)?

    kind regards,

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