Appointments+ Has Lots of Conflicts in User Profile

This is more of an alert than anything else... when Appointments+ is active, a couple of features in the Dashboard user profiles don't work. in fact, whenever something javascript-y on the site isn't working quite right, I disable A+ for a minute, do the task, then it works fine.

I mentioned the generate password link in another post. (This seems to be a conflict between JetPack and A+ ... disabling either seems to do the trick.) I'm also using WP User Avatar to replace Gravatars for my users, and when A+ is enabled, my users can't set their profile picture on the Dashboard profile editor. I have built a little front-end profile editor, and it works fine there.

HOWEVER (sorry this is so long), my goal is to work the A+ staff scheduling block into that front end editor, but I'm concerned they're just incompatible.

I know that you can't be responsible for every conflict with every plugin in Wordpress, but you should be aware.