Appointments+ - How to achieve a different start time after break

It seems a lot of people ask about this, but I can't seem to find an answer.

I need 75min times, but 60min break.
11.15-12.30 apt 75m
12.30-1.30 Break 60m
1.30-2.15 apt 75m
2.15-3.30 apt 75m
and so on...

This shouldn't be difficult, but it seems it is.
I have 15min time base
I have 75 min service time

But the flaw is that lunch just blocks out appointments it falls over, not shifting the next appointment start time.

Now, i have tried the suggestion of having 2 service providers - 1 me, 1 dummy. This works in terms of achieving the correct apt times, but it isn't a solution because i can't have the user selecting 2 different service providers when they know there is only 1!
i.e. i can't get both providers showing on the same calendar without a provider drop-down - can i?

Please advise..

thanks in advance.