[Appointments+] I can't add new service provider

I can't add new service provided on my site, there were 6 already and I can't add more.
The users exist, but when I try to add a new page just reload and display info
Settings updated
But provider is not added.

  • Nastia
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    Hello Jack

    Hope you're doing well!

    I've imported your settings to my test site and I could reproduce this issue as well. After deactivating "Worker Locations" add-on from the settings, I could add new service provider.

    Would you please go to Appointments > Settings > Add-ons and temporary deactivate "Worker Locations" add-on? See if a new Service Provider can be added.

    I'm flagging this issue as a bug to our devlopers. If they will provide hot-fix before official plugin's update, we will share it in this thread.

    Let us know how it went!

    Kind regards,

  • Jack
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    Hi Nastia,

    Thank you very much for your assitance.
    The problem is solved when I deactivate workers location.

    But actually I need this feature, We have 6+ service providers for one or more services, but we have only 2 rooms for treatment. We need on any specific hour to be able to recieve 2 appointments which is the maximum number of rooms that we have. If this workers location is disabled we can't recieve more than 1 appointment on any specific hours even we have free services providers (you can imagin service providers as detists, and locations as 2 rooms in the clinks).

    If you have any idea to solve this problem, or an estimation time to have anew version to fix the bug.

    Much appreciated,
    Best Regards.

  • ccbbam
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    Hi Jack, may I share my appointment´s setting with you.

    I work for a facility, with several ROOMS where PROVIDERS offer their services. There are 8 rooms and some 20 providers. As for you, there was no simple relation room <-> provider, as one room per provider.

    My case was even more complex. I had to create pages where professional could book their own rooms previously, then offer their services in these same rooms. Also these rooms have different prices per hour, depending on time of the day. Some providers have fixed hours, others were free-lancers.

    At first, I had the same idea you have, treat rooms as locations. I did loooottttsss of testing, but didn´t work. Also tested other plugins, Bookly is great but I would need to buy several extra addons, besides the risk of plugin conflicts and annual fees.

    With the help of Dimitris, Nastia and heroes friend a miraculous mu-plugin, now I have exactly what I need.

    I treated rooms as providers, I created dummy users for them. So they have their own working hours, full working day (at least hours where the facility offers services) Then I create human providers and set their working hours, but here only the few hours they will be actually offering services. And services are simply services.

    At first, rooms (as dummy providers) have their schedule booked by the professionals. If a professional have a fixed schedule, it is easier - just block the room for that period. But also works for free-lancers and here is where the mu-plugin makes its magic.

    Then, I just create separate pages for each person provider and with whole setting, there will never be a conflict - same room booked for 2 clients / providers at the same time.

    Hope it helps!

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