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Hi Folks,

I wondered whether your Appointments+ plugin integrates with your ecomm plugin. I have a prospect interested in selling a range of services. Once the prospect becomes a client by paying for the selected service(s), I would want the new client to request several alternative appointments for service delivery. My client would then select the appointment option that worked best for all concerned. In the case where the prospect selected a range of services but did not pay, I would want the cart to be visible to my client and allow the prospect to contact my client with an email requesting further information/discussion. Sounds complex, but boils down to "if you pay, you get to make some appointment requests, and if not, you record your "wishlist" and ask for a phone call to discuss".

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  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Stu,

    Hope you're doing well today!

    Appointments+ does integrate with MarketPress in the way that you can select Appointment times and then add them to the MarketPress cart and checkout with all the appointments in one go instead of having to book each one individually.

    So you would select the times first, then checkout. If someone was to select some times but then leave their cart, those pending appointments would be removed after a certain amount of time has passed and those appointment times would be opened back up.

    You can set the time limit of when you want pending appointments to be removed in the Appointments > Settings > General tab page. The option is called "Disable pending appointments after (mins)".

    As for the wishlist, this currently isn't possible, but it is something we can add to the feature requests. You can definitely create your own form and place that somewhere on the page for prospects to contact certain clients but they wouldn't be able to have the pending/wished for appointments included. That would require further custom development at this time.

    Hope this clears things up, if you do have any further questions on this just let us know :slight_smile:

    All the best,

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