Appointments + Is it possible to have a pop up with details on MONTH calenday Veiw

Hi all.

This is proving to be an awesome plugin and I think i may be asking too much but...

When using [app_worker_monthly_calendar] it displays a cool month calendar as expected and a nice ajax slide out at the bottom with appointment details when clicking the times on the calendar..

MY question; is there a way to have a little pop up box with the appointment details instead of the ajax at the bottom?

I ask because if you are working on a small screen or low resolution screen the ajax slide out can be below the view area and can be missed. This "pop up" would mean the user would not need to scroll down to see detail and the information would be right there at the single click!

Mabe this is a feature request or at least a cool upgrade?

Many thanks for the great plugin and service.