Appointments+ is not blocking time for the appointments created in Google calendar

I’ve installed Appts+ and set up two tax preparers that are able to be booked online.
They each have a separate google calendar. I created a google calendar for appts+ and synced their calendars to it. Google calendar is populated their schedule on the calendar, so the google calendar is connected to appt+, BUT it is not blocking the times on appts+ that are not available on Google.

I just want to be able to book two time slots on appt+, 1 for each tax preparer, and if one or both of them are already booked on Google to have that time blocked out on appt+ booking calendar.
Right now, it is not blocking times off on appointments that should not be available.

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi Josh,

    Hope you're doing well.

    I'm afraid that the account you provided in chat is no longer working, I keep getting invalid username error, and I was unable to access your site and check your settings, so it would be great if you could grant support access so I could have a closer look.
    To enable support access you can follow this guide here:

    You could also check couple of things, first is to go to Appointments > Settings > Google Calendar tab and make sure that the both way sync is enabled in your settings.

    Next thing to do is to check Appointments panel and select Reserved by GCal filter.
    If there are no appointments there that means that there's something preventing the sync between the two.
    To debug that further you should perform a conflict test by disabling your other plugins and switching to default WP theme to see if any of those are causing it.

    If the appointments are indeed there then there's probably something in your settings that still showing slots as available but in order to check this I will need to access your WP admin and have a look at your settings.

    Best regards,

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi Josh,

    Thanks for granting access, I was checking your site but I'm afraid that I don't see the issue, not sure if I'm missing something here.

    You have one Service and two Providers, this means that each Service can be booked twice at the same time, once for each Provider.

    So when I check your GCal reserved appointments for today (13. Feb) your 5:00PM time has two appointments booked in GCal and it's properly showing as busy on calendar.

    Can you give me an example date and time where you're expiring issues?

    Best regards,

  • Josh


    This is not working out. Needed this up on Monday have been working on it since Friday. Chat will not talk to me because it is escelated to you. With you asking a question while I am sleeping, me getting back when you are not there, this is going WAY too slow.

    Can you and I connect via chat, phone, skype, hangouts and get all of this knocked out in an hour together?

    I will get up at 4:30 am tomorrow and will be available until 8:30 am central time.

    Will look for your response at 4:45 am tomorrow and be ready for you when you can fit me in during that time.