Appointments: Limit amount of bookings within specified time

I'm setting up an education website, where I'd like users to be able to book Skype lessons with me.

For their monthly subscription, they get 4 lessons. However, in Appointments I cannot currently limit the amount of bookable lessons by time (i.e. so the user can choose any time slot, but no more than four lessons per month).

Additionally, being able to book one time slot which repeats (i.e. a student wants 9pm Wednesday, every Wednesday) would be perfect.


P.S. I tried to include this in the Features and Suggestions section, but whenever I selected this option from the dropdown menu, I was asked if I wanted to "upgrade" and, when choosing no, it would snap back to "plugin support".

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay

    Hi @daniel,

    Currently this isn't possible as the plugin wasn't exactly designed for that purpose. It isn't possible to have recurring appointments either. The only way you could possibly achieve some kind of multiple appointment purchase, would be to use the marketpress plugin which you can then add an appointment as a product, then using the add to cart function, you could book multiple appointments, add them to the cart & then checkout in one go, without having to go through the payment process for each appointment on an individual basis.

    I can certainly add this to the feature request section so that the developer can look into possibly adding this feature in a future release.

    Hope this helps

  • Daniel
    • New Recruit

    Yes, please add this to the feature request section. Lesson booking is a big part of education websites such as mine, and this plugin would greatly streamline that.

    In addition I have noticed the following limitation: "Capacity is the number of customers that can take the service at the same time. Enter 0 for no specific limit (Limited to number of service providers, or to 1 if no service provider is defined for that service)."

    Why am I limited by number of service providers? A single teacher ("service provider") can teach more than one person at a time, and I imagine there are other situations where multiple customers can be served at once.

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