Appointments – Live Calendar broken – not writing working hours (?) – HELP!


So, I just went in to the admin area to update the working hours for a service provider.

His hours were displaying correctly on the calendar on the website, I checked this first.

When I went in to edit the working hours, I noticed that the hours had all defaulted to off/non-working, and completely different times/hours.

I needed to edit the available times anyway, so I re-selected and saved all working hours from scratch.

I updated for both the provider and for a non-specific provider (only one service provider on this calendar), the same hours.

Now there are NO available times.

The back end seems to have saved the new hours I’ve keyed in (except it is reverting Tuesday’s hours to the old hours, for some reason), but the front end displays absolutely nothing.

Please help! I have someone potentially losing business as a result and can’t see any reason for this to have happened.