appointments+ Mailchimp integration?

Is it possible to send appointment subscribers to mailchimp?

I am digging around a little but it looks like I would have to incorporate membership plugin.

If that is the case is it possible to add them as a user automatically if they book an appointment so we don't have to add additional steps and lower conversions?

Please advise

Thank you!

  • Vaughan

    Hi Rich,

    Hope you're well?

    This wouldn't be possible without custom coding i'm afraid.

    There is an option though if you force users to have to register on the site before booking an appointment, as the mailchimp integration plugin has an option to automatically send signups to a specific mailchimp list, There's an addon also with membership which will do the same, so both are viable options, it just requires that you make sure users have to login/register to book an appointment first.

    Hope this helps

  • Ron Smart

    Is this an option:

    Step 1: Register Name, email, phone. Then auto login.
    Step 2: Redirect to a page where I have them select a location. Button link for each location.
    Step 3: Appointment page for the location. They choose date and time then their info will already be there in the confirmation box?

    They click confirm all done.

    Sounds like a lot of steps but I think it will convert better with micro commitments.

    We'll see

  • Vaughan


    The appointments plugin wouldn't cater for that usage.

    The way appointments works, is users would login (if forced to) they would of course need to register first if they haven't already done so.

    Then on your appointments calendar page, they can choose a location, then select a service and provider, then book their appointment for a specific time based on the calendar options, they wouldn't actually be able to say, I want an appointment for ten past 6 on tuesday 18th, the time would need to be available on the calendar, they then choose their day & time by clicking on the available slots on the calendar.

    If they have to follow up a year later or 30 days later, it's possible for them to book a year in advance, or a service provider or admin can make that appointment for them in the admin quite easily.

    There are options to send reminder emails out x days in advance of an appointment.

    Hope this helps