Appointments+ Marketpress Integration "Add to Cart" Button

When creating the first appointment with Marketpress integration, the “Add to Cart” button shows up after clicking on the “.. confirm the appointment” button. However, I noticed that when I click on another date/time on the calendar for the second appointment, the “Add to Cart” button does to go away and it’s still there. This is creating a bit of confusion during subsequent appointments because some users might click directly to “Add to Cart” button directly without clicking “..confirm the appointment” because it’s already there.

Is there any way to hide the “Add to Cart” button when the user clicks on the calendar slot?



  • Hakan
    • The Incredible Smush

    That is an issue because page is not auto refreshed as an appointment added to the cart.

    If you do refresh the page, you will see that Add to Cart button will not be there.

    Unfortunately an auto refresh is not possible at the moment.

    A quick workaround is using “Buy Now” button instead of “Add to Cart”.



  • David
    • Flash Drive

    The problem with using the Buy Now workaround is that the client is taken straight to the shopping cart after selecting one appointment. There is no option to “continue shopping” if the client wishes to book multiple appointments. Can this feature be added to Market press if there is no way to auto refresh the appointments product page?


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