Appointments + Marketpress: Service providers reminder emails not being sent

Hi @Hakan,

according to this ticket:

I've aplied the code you wrote in the functions.php file
an email is being sent to the admin
and to the service provider
with the title "New Appointment"
and then in the body:
"A new appointment has been made on tu profe. Below please find a copy of what has been sent to your client: "
and then the body of the reminder set in A+ settings.

this notification email should have the appointment date or something different for every different appointment in the subject.

also, it would be easier if the admin and the service provider would receive the email as configured in the A+ settings.

in the A+ settings I've put:
+Send Confirmation email: Yes
+Send Notification to admin if confirmation is required

I've filled also the Confirmation Email Subject and Confirmation email Message for Client and Provider and marked Yes on both Send Reminder select boxes

1) the client does receives the reminders, but the service provider don't.
2) marketpress new-order and order-sent emails are being duplicated.

I think every user who installs appointments + and marketpress plugins will run into the same issue. Service providers need to be notified.

Thanks for the support!