appointments -> marketpress: shorten checkout steps


How can I shorten checkout steps?

editing the marketpress.php file?

We currently have 5 steps.
We would like to reduce it to three, because two are not really necessary (Email, Confirmation).

check it out:

appointments page:

shopping cart:

Thank you!

  • Patrick

    Hi @Art

    Congratulations, that site is looking and working fantastic now! I know it took quite a bit of work and customization to get things just right. :slight_smile:

    No, you don't need to edit marketpress.php. What you need is to create a custom template named mp_cart.php and add that to your theme. MarketPress will find it and use that instead of the default checkout.

    The main function you need to include in your custom mp_cart.php template is mp_show_cart. You'll find that in marketpress/marketpress-includes/template-functions.php at line 825.

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