Appointments+ & Marketpress


I have a kind of complicated issue involving Appoitments+ & Marketpress integration that I’m struggling to solve. Hoping you can provide some suggestions or insight and appreciative of any help you can give.

The site in question is a site for an owner operated service business that provides training to both local and remote clients. The site needs to allow users to book either an in person or teleconferenced training session with a single service provider, and pay for that session up front (We’re using Stripe for payment processing) the issues we’re running into are:

The service provider offers a variety of services at different price points and we’re using Marketpress to list Appointments+ appointments and products. Variations of certain types of appointments (Some times for in person appointments are only available to people in certain geographic regions) need to be available only at certain times, though all bookings need to go the same service provider. Is the best way to do this to have each region as it’s own service? Though if so, how do we show the different regions as the same “Product” in the Marketpress listing? I would like to only have one product for each service where the user selects their region fro a drop-down and then is shown a calendar that only has the correct available times for that service and region.

Second, for regions outside our core area an additional travel fee needs to be added to their booking fee. Is it possible to add a selectable field that can be added to a booking at the time it’s made for this fee?

Next up, when listing the various Appointments+ services on the Marketpress store page, the Appointments+ page text is displayed, but doesn’t look great. Can I use custom excerpts to replace this text? Also, how can I modify the order in which the products are displayed? Do I have to do this manually be inputting each product through a the single product shortcode in the desired order?

Sorry for so many questions. Not sure if you can help with all of them but any guidance you could provide would be much appreciated.