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I am currently working on a similar application for a client who does massage and teaches yoga. They want to have:

1) larger packages of services with no end date. The most critical idea here is store credit, which can be sold at a discount. Is Cubepoints the best way to do this? Can I assign Cubepoints based on a purchase, or does that need to be done manually in the backend?

2) they want to sell Monthly Passes for a particular class, meaning unlimited registrations for that class in the month (but not others). For example, a Yoga membership does not give access to massage or coaching. The current configuration options don't address this adequately. If I give a 100% discount for members, they can book any service, and it appears to be free.

3) they want to do smaller packages which are good for only 30 days, and expire, or perhaps as a Subscription product, but with no rollover. For example, 1 massage and 10 yoga classes. I don't have any idea on this one, because it seems to combine the other two...creating a credit for specific services, but which have to be used in a certain time window.

I am hard pressed to answer these 3 use cases, even with all 3 extensions, and I haven't found answers for advanced use cases like this.


  • Jack Kitterhing
    • Code Norris

    Hi there @ken_lyle,

    Hope you're well today and thanks for your question.

    1: The best way here would be to use Mycred that integrates with MarketPress I wouldn't recommend using Cubepoints, as it hasn't been in active development for a couple of years.

    2: This isn't available in an out of the box way, but as a workaround, you can place each service on it's own page, then you can restrict access to that page in the membership URL groups. This will then allow you to still use the discount feature (also added as a feature request).

    3: I believe the best work around would be similar to the above, but then this would change the above idea where you'd have to use mycred with MarketPress, rather than the in-built discount system, if this makes sense?


    Kind Regards

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