Appointments+ Multiple locations option

Hi there,
Similar issue as this old thread from Aug 2013:

It seems to be a crucial function to be able to add multiple locations to a service and/or service provider... now that its over 3.5 years on from the original request linked above, has anything been resolved around this, or is there any way to implement this manually?

Here is the business model that I am trying to get working... a small cleaning company has 2 mobile vans("Service Providers"?), multiple different service plans ("Services"), and works in many different city suburbs ("Locations"?), on different days of the week. Each mobile unit covers a range of location options because they work in peoples own homes.

The customer who is booking on the website should follow this procedure... Selects their location, selects any of the services (all services are available at all locations), Appointments+ automatically picks the mobile unit that services that location... and then displays available days/times that the customer can book.

For example: On Mon-Weds, van#1 is available to be booked in area1 to area10. And on Thurs-Fri, they are available only in area11 to area15. (So when a customer selects that they live in area7, the only available times that are displayed will be in Monday to Wednesday.)

What would be a recommended setup to implement this? Instead of using "Locations" for my locations, do I need to create a "Service Provider" for each of my locations/areas/city suburbs?

Thanks in advance, any recommendations or ideas of how to structure this are greatly appreciated!