Appointments+ No Provider Preference = No time slots available

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If "No Preference" is selected for provider, for any available time slots with /any/ provider to be available, and an appointment would be assigned to an available provider.

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    Hello @lvidmar, I trust you are well today!

    Thank you for clearing this up!

    In the above post I meant to write that the service would get assigned to the general pool if a service provider wasn't selected (which would mean that one of your providers would have to be assigned the service manually), it's somehow slipped from there.

    If you have more than one service providers for one service, the available time slots will not be shown when "No Preference" is selected. The user must select a service provider to book an appointment. But, you may want to display services which are given only by a certain provider with the following short code:
    [app_services ... worker="12"]

    That way, only that particular provider's services will show, and even if the user selects a different service type, it'll still only display the services that only that provider offers.

    Replace the number 12 with the service provider ID.

    There is a shortcode that will lead the client to choose a provider once he or she selected a servise. The following short-code will not show service provider selection at all until the service has been previously selected:
    [app_service_providers ... require_service="1"]

    In the meantime, though, if this is not the route you're looking to take, I'd advise posting a job for this on our Jobs Board, and having one of our Pros there cook up a solution for you:

    If there is anything else you need, please, let us know!


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