Appointments+ Nonworking Hours Exceptions

Hi, guys… I just stumbled upon this thread:

whilst looking for the same solution – the ability to set nonworking exceptions by the hour, rather than by the day. I didn’t find that the thread you pointed to above answered my specific situation.

My client is open 7 days a week – but sometimes they will close early or open late for special occasions. So, for instance, their Sunday schedule is 9am-3pm (I think, I’m going by memory), but one week they might want to work noon-3pm.

They could go in and make an exception for that date so that the whole day is marked closed, but how do they make it so that just 3 of their normal opening hours are closed?

The only functional way I can see to do it is to book up the time themselves as soon as they have the schedule… with 4 “service providers” (3 are dummies) per hour, that could add up to a lot of junk email.

Any other thoughts?

Many thanks!