Appointments+ not allowing lesser time in Service/Booking

I have spent the past several hours, toying with, trying to, failing miserably to attempt to get this to do exactly what I need. It "looks" possible and says its easily configurable, but I assure you that its not. (from what I see and have tried)

I am attempting to set up Appointments+ on a newly created WP install that is causing some serious headache. In short, the booking sessions need to be available every 60 minutes, but the sessions are only going to be 30 minutes long. The reason? Drive time between the sessions.

Now, that said, the Appointments+ settings page, allows me to set a "time base" of 30 minutes. This however, causes the scheduling to be every 30 minutes as well. ie: 8:30, 9:00, 9:30, 10:00, 10:30, etc.

In the Appointments+ settings, I set the service duration for 30 minutes, as it should be. That loads and works just fine, as its supposed to be 30 minutes for the session.

The problem is, the BOOKING should be on the top of the hour (ie: 8AM, 9AM, 10AM, etc.) and the session itself should only show, when added and selected for the appointment, to be THIRTY minutes, not FORCED to 60 minutes.

I have set the Appointments+ > Settings > Time Base to both 30 and 60. I have set the Services duration to 30 minutes (when the time base is set to 30), but when the time base is set to 60, there *IS* no 30 minute option for the service duration. It forces the lowest time to be that of the time base.

So to recap, I need the BOOKING to be every 60 minutes, but the SERVICE to be every 30 minutes in duration. So an appointment that is selected, for example, at 8:00AM, will last 30 minutes, but the next available slot for booking, will be 9:00AM, not 8:30AM.

Also, changing and modifying the time base manually (Additional Time Base) doesn't work either.

I'm hoping this makes sense and that someone can help me out here.