Appointments not properly synching with G Cal

I think there may be some synching issues with Appointments+ and Google cal.

For example, on November 2nd I have a meeting at 9 am on my Google cal but that time is showing as available on Appointments+.

I also have “No Session” from 12 - 5 pm on my Google cal on November 2nd, but Appointments+ is showing that 12 pm is available. It’s showing 11 am as unavailable, but that time should be available.

On November 10th, I have a client at 3:30 pm on my Google cal under the Clients and Meetings calendar. However, on Appointments + it shows that 3 pm is available. My sessions are 40 minutes, so Appointments+ shouldn't show 3 pm as available because I have a client coming at 3:30 pm.

Do you have any ideas of how to fix this?
We have paddings, tetris and duration add-ons enabled.
I tried to make a test appointment and notice and error in the log.

I have enable Support access, please look into this.

Thank you!