Appointments + not working


I am trying to get the appointment plus plugin working. It is partially working but not completely. I have been trying to get it consistently working for over a month, but it changes all the time.

Here are the things it wont do:

1. When I select the appointment and time and go to confirm the booking, it displays as only one service. This will mean that when the appointment is made and placed in my calendar and I receive the booking information via email the booking to my calendar, it will only say one service, and I wont know what the person has booked in for.

2. If I change my mind, and want another service, go back, refresh the page and go to select another service type, then the calendar wont allow me to select a time. The only way is if I clear my cache, which I can tell my customers just wont go for it.

3. I cannot seem to process a payment to paypal. I currently have it set to sandbox mode, but it still wont process.

Can you please check thee for me? I am at my wits end as I really was hoping this app would be excellent.