Appointments + not working on my theme, maybe there's a simple solution?

I've just purchased Appointments + and set everything up. It works perfectly on the standard Wordpress theme, but not on my own one, which I've spent hours on customizing. It would really be a waste to throw this theme away. Please help!

It's on
I'm not asking you to dig through this theme, but maybe there's a simple solution, which you can point out? I really hope so!

Thanks in advance!!!!

Xander Frieso

  • Vaughan


    thanks for the post.

    you can change the table using CSS.

    prefix with .appointments-list which will make it unique to the appointments-list table.


    .appointments-list table {
    .appointments-list td {

    and so on.

    use a tool such as firebug addon for firefox browser, which will allow you to view the CSS & html on screen, highlight the element you want on page & it shows you all the html source & CSS, it then allows you to adjust it on screen in realtime, once you've finished editing you can then copy those changes to your themes stylesheet.

    hope this helps


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