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I am noticing that once a appointment is made, the user does not receive a email notice of a pending appointment nor does it show up on the My Appointments short code until AFTER a confirmation is made. Is that by design so as to not to confuse the user that it is confirmed immediately?

Or, how can I have them sent a PENDING appointment, but make it clear they need to wait for a confirmation? Also, how can I make the PENDING appointment immediately be visible in the short code for My Appointments so that have a bit of piece of mind that what they submitted actually did something. Right now, it seems they only get a popup message saying their appointment has been received (but not pending notice email or pending status in the My Appointments shortcode upfront)...

Just some thoughts...questions on that...



  • Alexander

    Hi Greg,

    Yes, it is correct that no email is sent until the appointment is actually confirmed.

    It's definitely possible to override the test when an appointment is booked. This can be done with a shortcode attrribute.

    Your "make an appointment" page will always have the [app_confirmation] shortcode. You can add the confirm text to change what gets displayed to the user. So something like this:

    [app_confirmation confirm_text="Thank you! Your appointment is now pending approval"]

    Many other shortcode attributes are available, and you can find more info from the "Shortcodes" page of the Appointments+ settings.

    Thanks for being a WPMU DEV member. Let us know if we can be of any further assistance.
    Best regards,

  • Greg

    Hey @Alexander

    I believe that solution would work. However, the multiple initial configurations along with the management/maintenance would be mind-numbing if more than 1 or so other niche ventures would want to be pursued.

    I was kindof thinking along the lines of being able to do it quick and on-demand for misc. purposes (then just have areas to customize like the confirmation and reminder emails and anything else that would connect it to the main site). That way it is all in one calendar but the users would see custom messages and experience.

    I could envision another Tab in the settings section of something like the following:

    Projects>Add a Group (i.e. a new niche/venture)>Then, all required settings and messaging that will make it happen...

    This could be used for:
    Niche for your own or client websites/blogs
    Offline endeavors.
    Affiliate Marketing projects
    Different subsidiary or branches of services and products that you want totally separate from the core business but yet track everything in one calendar.
    Temp uses for misc. projects...
    Basically, anything someone could dream up (I think it might be a very popular and flexible solution and a big benefit add-on).

    Etc etc etc.

    Just throwing out ideas...but, I do believe your idea is valid and would work with maybe 1 more.

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