[Appointments+] One Page (with tabs), Multiple Shortcodes [Appointments/Support]

Using Appointments Pro & the Support System, I'd like to put several of the shortcodes onto one page using a tab system.

However, it seems like the logic behind the plug-ins overrides the visibility of the tabs. It's the page "My Dashboard." I'd love to get this figured out so we can provide users with an all-in-one page.


  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Nita

    I hope you're well today!

    I have checked your site and I can see a couple of issues there but the most important two are:

    1. the serious JS error visible in a browser console on the "My Dashboard" page

    This seems to be coming directly from the scripts providing the tabs, so I believe from the page builder that you're using, most likely from theme

    2. the "tabs" element itself which clearly states (a fine print under the tab editor) that some JS and some shortcodes might come up broken - and this is the case here as the shortcodes output is definitely broken.

    Taking that alone to the account, I'm afraid that's not something that could be considered a bug or a compatibility issue on our end as both these plugins were never designed to be used this way: they expect to use their own dedicated pages for booking, for ticket lists and adding tickets etc.

    The additional issues that would also get in a way are that:

    - the appointments plugin does not provide "one page booking" in that sense that there are "steps" so the user submits the form etc and that causes page to reload so even if the entire process can be made to "stick" into a single tab, "tabbing" can break the submission and also the "tabs plugin/module" will not know which tab to open after submission (without additional custom coding)

    - the Support System plugin is also producing a bit more complex output than just a simple HTML list and selecting filters in a form and/or entering a ticket would also "break tabs behavior"

    - additionally, for Support System putting a shortcode on a page is not quite enough and it has to have the pages with shortcodes assigned properly in "Support System -> Settings -> Front End".

    That said, it will most likely require quite a bit of custom coding to make it work the way you want, using some "standard" tabs module or plugin. I have actually checked some other "tab" plugins and there's always something that's breaking the results due to one or more of aforementioned issues.

    There could be a workaround though, however it would also require some customization. But it should also work with your current "tabs" module as long as you can add a pure HTML to the tab content (to use "iframe"). The workaround could go like this:

    1. Create a custom page template first that'd be totally blank (you could set background color to match your site's background color but otherwise it should not include any elements, no menus, no headers and footers etc - just blank).

    2. Setup Appointments+ and Support System the way they are expected to be set: using their own dedicated pages for "make an appointment" page and for "support page" and "submit new ticket" pages accordingly

    3. Set all these pages to use the blank template

    4. In your tabs instead of adding shortcodes (apart from the "My appointments" tab which will work anyway, with a shortcode added directly) add in "iframe" that will load those pages, something like this (example for appointment booking page):

    <iframe src="http://mysite.com/make-an-appointment">

    If your "tabs" module can deal with a standard "iframe" that should be working. Of course you would want to add some additional styles - to the "source" pages and to the iframes themselves but that should be relatively easy as there'd be no non-standard ways to do it.

    Kind regards,

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