Appointments or events plugin, multiple costs, different options?


I am building a site for a client who runs canal boat trips. Can I use the Appointments or Events plugin to address the following? Essentially an appointment is a booking regardless if it's a haircut for one person or a trip for 5 people, right?

1) 2 trips per day, 2 hours each trip
2) 5 days per week (not 7)
3) Book more than one person per trip, e.g. mum, dad and 2 kids
4) Different prices for adults, kids and concessions
5) Total of 50 seats per trip - once they're booked, they're booked
6) Add an option to book private charters, i.e. outside of scheduled times above
7) Offer horse-drawn trips once per week
8) Offer food and beverage options (perhaps a list of 3 or 4 packages)

Many thanks for any help.

Best regards,