Appointments+ payments for multiple service providers

I'm trying to figure out if online payments can only go to one paypal address, or if each service provider can receive their own individual payments?

Thanks in advance!

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Damon,

    Hope you are well today and welcome to the WPMU DEV community!

    Appointments+ by default only allows 1 PayPal address to pay too. A workaround, might be to use a WordPress Multisite network and allow your clients to choose the service provider they want then have it directed to that service providers subsite(cloned version of the main site) with only that ones service providers availability - each service provider could have their own identical subsite page; however, since it would technically be a different site then you could set a different PayPal address.

    The above is a fairly involved workaround and would definitely not suit all situations - figured I would throw the idea out there just in-case :slight_smile:

    Let us know what you think! If you have further questions we're always happy to help.


    PS. The most common solution here is that you collect all the money then payout your service providers.

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