Appointments Plugin

i found somehting that i hope one day Appointment plugin will be able to do.
in 5 steps

#1 choose services
#2 choose duration
#3 choose employee/staff
#4 pick up your timeslot / calendar view
#5 your details

so far Appointment
#1 choose services [very good]
#2 choose duration [cannot be done, need to have predefined services with duration set :slight_frown:( very bad]
#3 chose employee/staff [very good]
#4 pick up your timeslot / calendar view [timeslot / calendar view its ok ... as long as i have set time base to 30 min]
#5 details [very good]

come one ... the most important/needed part for this plugin is missing.

i guess its not the " The Best WordPress Appointments Plugin on the Planet " as advertised