Appointments + plugin doesn't work

Hey, I've configured your plugin and created the following 'make an appointment' page but I'm not able to select individual days or time slots... just change month and select a service.... please reply to this ASAP and email me at

  • chris_van
    • New Recruit

    I don't think it's related to a separate plugin, because if I remove the shortcode [my_services] or whatever it is up the top of the produced page, everything seems to work fine (except for displaying current appointments)

    While I've got you, I'm now getting a you need 'PHP Curl or HTTPS Wrapper' to get Google + authentication to work, how ever I don't see anything on this in the FAQ section

  • aristath
    • Recruit

    Hello again @chris_van,
    Since you have not replied in this post in 2 weeks, I'm assuming that this issue has been resolved.
    If however you need any further assistance on this, you can simply post an update on your current status and mark this as unresolved so that we may see it and help you out.

    Take care,

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