Appointments plugin: is it possible to separate services from service providers

This plug in is perfect for my needs with one exception: it makes the assumption that there are service providers. In my case, for my client, there are only resources (services) in the form of three meeting rooms that can be reserved. The way your plugin works, if one of the rooms are reserved, the other two are unavailable in that time slot because the assumption is the service provider is busy. However, as I stated, there is no service provider in this case. I tried setting up three users, but not a single person coming to the site will know to use the service provider pulldown to get an available “staff” user … because that’s completely counterintuitive to the application at hand here.

Your plugin works great and I have not a single complaint about it, other than it just makes an assumption that there is a service provider and that one single thing is killing the usefulness of the plugin for me.

I know you are developing a Bookings (?) plugin and maybe this more what I need? Do you have an ETA on that if I may ask, so I can tell my client to get them to hold on. Most every booking / reservation type WordPress plugin is terrible and I do not have time to develop my own.

Thanks for any assistance you can give.