appointments plugin not sending emails to user


I set up the appointments plugin on my demo page to show to a client. I have set up a system where payment is not required to book an appointment but the user must login first.

Once the user makes the appointment, it shows on my end under pending appointments until I manually mark it as confirmed unless I change my settings to auto-confirm. The problem is that the user does not receive an e-mail once they complete their transaction in the site. I assumed that users don't receive an email telling them that their appointment is currently pending, however once I confirmed the appointment, still no e-mail was sent.

I checked the log and no e-mails have been generated after appointments have been confirmed manually by the admin. I then edited the appointments by selecting to resend the confirmation email but none was dispatched. Any idea why this is not working?

I have had some issues with contact forms not working because of SPAM issues, not sure if this could be acting in a similar manner.

Additionally, I was curious if there is a way to only require payment for special appointments, such as on a holiday like New Year's Eve where spaces are limited and cancellations are frequent. It is hard to make last minute appointments so requiring a deposit on certain days would help cut down on cancellations and no-shows.

Is there also a way to show pending appointments in the user's "my appointments" area with the pending status? I noticed that on my end, when using a sample user, after completing the appointment request, my appointments section is blank and it makes me feel as if the transaction was not received. It does pop-up once the admin confirms the appointment manually.


P.S. I granted support access in case a closer look is required.