Appointments + Plugin Showcase

I've been wanting to see how other people have been using the Appointments + plugin, I've found that sometimes in order to get people to share is to start a showcase thread myself.

I recently setup Appointments + for a rather novel usage, probably not one envisioned when the plugin was created.

This week, a charity that came together as a result of Hurricane Sandy called Tea for Humanity needed a new website. One of the things they wanted was a way for folks to sign up to donate and volunteer their time to help work in the relief shelters in New York City. It occurred to me that Appointments + might work a little better for this than a standard sign-up form.

The result is

Take a look at the Donate Time page to see Appointments + in action. The site just launched yesterday and I'm still in the process of getting the organizers to manually input the existing volunteer schedule, but you can see how we've implemented it for volunteers to confirm their commitments.

About the site:
The theme is Twenty-Twelve (that's the second site this week I've made using Twenty-Twelve as a framework. I'm finding it incredibly easy and useful!). The main plugins for the site are Appointments +, Comprehensive Google Maps Plugin, Ninja Forms and WordPress SEO.

Time to build the site and fill with content was about 8 hours (that includes the learning curve of understanding Appointments + - this is a well-developed plugin with great documentation!)

Feature request:
This implementation isn't quite what was intended out-of-the-box for the plugin, but it is 90% perfect for it, but in creating it, I noticed a small shortcoming in the plugin's feature-set.

An added feature I think the plugin needs to extend its usefulness is the ability to create multiple bookings at once. Currently, if person wants to create more than one appointment, they need to schedule and confirm each on independently. I'd recommend an option on the dashboard that can be selected to allow clients to setup multiple appointments. Then, when they click a block on the calender, the confirmation box appears, but when they click additional blocks, those appointments are also added to the confirmation box.

I think an optional feature like this would be useful, say for example a doctor's office where clients are encouraged to make weekly, or monthly appointments over a period of time. A feature like this would make it possible for a client to schedule several appointments in one go (an anti-spam feature extension of this option would be an ability to limit the max number of appointments a client can make at once).

Share your Appointments + website
If any of you have setup a website using this plugin, share it in this thread so other people can see what and how you've done it.