appointments + plugin working hours schedule


I want to know if I can amend the code for the working hours file, I wish to add four weeks, so my client can enter the specific times for each week. I know this can’t be done in the admin area but which file do I edit to amend the php code so that instead of break I would have the week one displayed and a calendar to pick the week.

If this isn’t possible then would it be possible to add a time (start and end times of shifts) as well as the date for the exception field for additional working days? Again I know this isn’t possible in the admin area but which file would I have to amend to add this field ?

I’m guessing more then one file will need to be changed for either of these options because the database will need updating as well and an extra column added for any of the tables that are amended.

This is the only solution I can think of to continue using this plug in for this site.

Kind Regards

Shabnum Rinth