Appointments Plus modifying text

Trying to modify the text on the pop-up menu of times (the one that appears when you click on a date). Haven’t been able to find any option in the backend or the css. Can you help with this?

  • Paul Barthmaier
    • Code Wrangler

    Hi there,

    A couple of things: for starters, it looks like you could use an update to the latest version. Can you take care of that? Second thing, I suppose there isn’t any setting for this text, but you can easily add some CSS to your Child Theme for the site. Something like:

    .app_timetable_cell {
    color: #66ff66;

    should do the trick. Of course, feel free to change to your favorite hex number in the above code. Well, it doesn’t have to be your favorite. How about the one that you thinks looks best!

    Hope this helps! Let us know how it goes.



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  • porkcharsui1gta
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Hey thanks, that css was exactly what I was looking for. Is there a list of css parameters like this somewhere so I can more easily edit the plug-in? I’m basically looking for the exact same ability to edit all the text in the plug in.

    Thanks again!

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