Appointments+ problem with fake emails

I've just started my activity and I noticed this problem.
I created a monthly schedule where customers can book my service.
Name, email and telephone number are necessary to book the service.
I have a problem because some of the customers are fake- I tried to send them emails and I failed. They are probably my competitors who want to book all the time slots available.

In the appointments+ settings there are 2 possible ways to confirm an appointment: auto confirm and confirmation by a service provider. Now, I don't want neither the first one , nor the second one because my service provider has already too much work to do and he cannot spend time checking emails.

My question:
Is there the possibility, for a customer, to confirm an appointment via email?

Execution flow:
1. a customer finds a time slot available and fills the form with name, email and telephone number.

2. he receives an email of the pending appointment

3. he confirms the appointment by clicking on a link.

In this way I'm sure that an email address isn't fake