Appointments+ Product Functionality

It was suggested to me that I state my issue here so that someone could see if theres a workaround.

Basically, I ordered Appointments+ and MarketPress so I could setup a service as product system with all the payment gateways available in Marketpress.

After installing, it turned out that Appointments+ doesn't allow you to create product pages for each service and then add services to a shopping cart. Instead you can have a single scheduling page with a drop down list of services.

I didn't understand that was the case prior to purchasing it, and that's my fault. Is there anyway to make that functionality possible?

  • Michelle Shull

    Hi, Raul, thanks for your question!

    I do think it's possible, but it would take a good deal of custom work to make it happen. We can create different pages for different services within Appointments+, using shortcodes, but you're correct, when we bring MarketPress into the loop, it creates a single product page for Appointments.

    Extending that isn't impossible, but it would be a rather complex task, and more time than we have the luxury of giving as support techs here on the forum. Your best bet to get exactly what you want here, to your exact specifications, and in the time you need it, would be to consult with an experienced dev who's familiar with Appointments+. This might be an ideal task to take to our Jobs Board. Since you know exactly what you want, it should be simple to find a dev there who's familiar enough with Appointments and MarketPress to write an extension for you. The devs on the Job Board are not employees here, they're all freelancers who happen to know our products very well.

    Thanks for your question!

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