Appointments+ running slow and does not work correctly with WP Rocket

On my site I’m using Woocommerce Product Pages these have Appointments+ Short Code typically as follows: [app_monthly_schedule worker=”3″ service=”511″][app_pagination month=”1″ step=”1″][app_confirmation title=”Check your details” button_text=”Click Here to Complete”].

If the Short Code is inserted in the “Description Tab” of the Product Page Appointments+ works but is very slow and this does not allow WP Rocket to cache or minify the product page.

If I move the Short Code to “Product Short Description” on the Products Page WP Rocket works correctly and the page its very fast.

But now the Appointment fails at the “Fault Description” field and all following fields, an entry has been may during the appointment in the appropriate fields, but an error is produced popup box “The Field Fault Description is Required.”