Appointments + schedules optimization


there's an issue with the schedules assignment.

here's an example:

Working hours:
Mondar from 10am to 4pm
Wednesday from 12pm to 9pm
Thursday from 7pm to 9pm
Friday from 12pm to 9pm
Saturday from 9am to 7pm
Sunday from 9am to 5pm

Service duration:
1.30 hours is actually 2.00 hours (that's because the service provider needs half an hour to go from one place to another)
2.00 hours is actually 2.30hours ...
....and so on...

Try choosing Monday schedule:
it should start a 10:00am and finish at 4:30pm (I've added an extra half an our at the end of each daily schedule).
but it's starting at 11:00am.
and therefor we're losing one whole service block.
we should have on monday three blocks, not two.

the issue:
the schedule starts from the earliest working hour (considering the whole working hours schedule).

it should start from the earliest working hour of the day the user is choosing.

this issue is impacting in the quantity of services a service provider can offer and therefor in the earnings of the website.

here's an example of a shortened schedule:

this is the way it should work when a user is picking a day with a different schedule

I'm sure fixing this issue will help a lot of appointments+ users.

Thanks for the support!