Appointments+ | Select Server Provider after choosing time slot


This is a question about the booking process on the Appointments+ plugin.

At the moment the process is:

1. Select Service
2. Select Service Provider
3. Select day and time slot

The process I need is to select the service provider after selecting the time slot. So instead:

1. Select Service
2. Select day and time slot
3. Select Service Provider

I know that the current process allows us to select "no preference" when selecting a service provider. Which means that the calendar then displays the full range of timeslots from the entire providers in the system. So I'm wondering would there be a relatively simple way to move the "Select a service provider" question to the last stage, after users have selected their day and timeslot?

Then obviously at this point the only providers that users will have the option to select would be those that are available for the "Service" and "time slot" previously selected.

Many thanks for your help with this. This is a really important process I need so any help in achieving this is really appreciated :slight_smile:.