Appointments+ settings questions

I’m trying to finish setting up Appointments+ for my clients new website. I have 3 questions:

(1) In confirmation emails can we add shortcodes to note details like remaining payment, bookers name etc? If so, where can I find the shortcodes? Can I also format the text in the emails, e.g bold etc?

(2) Can we show all services on one calendar? My client has 1 studio, but has 4 booking rates for days of the week (so I have set this up as 4 services).

(3) Can we change the specific start times of bookings? The calendar starts at 8am for some reason, but my client wants it to start at 9am

  • Paul Barthmaier
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    Hi there and welcome to the WPMU DEV Community for WordPress Support!

    Hi there, Appointments+ is a wonderful plugin because it has so many options that are all configurable in the dashboard. If you want to use shortcodes, there is a Tab on the Settings page dedicated to explaining more. You can find them by appending this string to your domain’s URL


    For notifications, you can scroll down the General Tab of the Settings page to find Notifications settings. The string to append to your URL is:


    The plugin author has a lovely explanation that there are shortcuts that you can use in your email subject line and body content as placeholders for when replying to a new Appointment. The available placeholders, which will be replaced by their real values, are: SITE_NAME, CLIENT, SERVICE, SERVICE_PROVIDER, DATE_TIME, PRICE, DEPOSIT, PHONE, NOTE, ADDRESS, EMAIL (Client’s email)

    And, sure, one calendar. How about a Google Calendar? Settings are here:


    Working hours are completely configurable right here:


    Hope this helps and let us know if you have any further questions!



    Enable theme for a single site in Multisite? Try:

  • darryl_sherborne
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    I’ve checked the working hours settings and I can’t set them as I want to. I’ve set my time base minutes to 240, as all bookings need to be in 4 hour blocks. But, when I try to set the start time for working hours, the drop-down choices are all in 4 hr blocks from 12am. So, I can’t select 9am or 10am as the starting time for working hours, only 8am.

    How can I set this up to allow for 4 hour block bookings from 9am or 10am?

  • darryl_sherborne
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Is there any chance you can respond to my last post please?

    Also, in the confirmation and reminder emails sent by Appointments+ I’d like to display the balance remaining that the customer has to pay, which is the difference between the deposit taken at the time of booking and the total purchase price. Is there any way to do this please?

  • darryl_sherborne
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Thanks to @Vladislavat on the live support channel today – the working hours issue is fixed by – in the General tab, there is an additional option named “Admin side ti@me base (minutes)” – you can set that to say 30 or 60, and be able to select the time you want for Working Hours, and still have your slots available as 4 hour intervals

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