Appointments+ shortcode [app_services order_by="duration"] not working

I am getting a lot of great stuff working here, and I'm delighted (my client will be, too), but I have the following shortcode in my form, and it's still sorting by ID.

[app_services select="<h3>How long do you need a sitter?*</h3>" order_by="duration" autorefresh="1"]

I have also tried order_by="name" and adding DESC to each. None yields any change.

I'm attaching screenshots because the pages in question are protected by Membership 2 Pro levels. :slight_smile:

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello James!

    I can see that you're making a fast progress with your setup, I'm really glad because of this!

    It seems however that you managed to find an error in the plugin. I tested this on my own test site and I can confirm that the "[app_services]" shortcode always sorts services by ID regardless of what value of "order_by" attribute it is given.

    That said, I'm reporting this to Appointments+ developer as a bug. Hopefully, he'll be able to fix that soon and release a "quick-fix" update of the plugin. Please note however that his response time may be a bit longer than ours here on support forum. That's because our developers are dealing with a lot of complex issues on daily basis and also I'm not sure whether he'll decide to issue a "quick fix" in form of a patch that you'll be able to apply on your own or if it will be included with a future update to the plugin.

    Please keep an eye on this thread in case I posted any additional information here and make sure that you keep Appointments+ up to date and I hope this will be fixed soon. j

    Best regards,

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